Statutory subjects 2019

  • Examination of crevice corrosion and fretting-corrosion of materials intended for endoprostheses of the ilium joint
  • Forming  Cu based axisymmetrical inserts by the methods of powder metallurgy and metal forming for application in the armaments industry and drilling industry
  • Composites based on aluminium alloys reinforced with grapheme manufactured in the process of spark plasma sintering (SPS)
  • Modern systems  assisting plastic forming
  • Perfecting investigation methods in the accredited laboratory incorporating the methodology of fatigue tests, as well as the questions of electroplated coatings on the substrate of plastics.
  • Testing of cold rolling of strips with variable cross sections
  • Perfecting of the methods of spinning metal alloys with laser heating with the use of FEM simulation
  • Development of the digital information resources of the Multimedial Laboratory Information Management and Access of the Metal Forming Institute, with the utilisation of the I-Centrum system
  • Promotion of the scientific and technical achievements of the Institute
  • Utilisation and perfecting of the I-Centrum – system of managing R&D works in order to improve the effectiveness of the works and intensify collaboration with the Institute’s stakeholdrers