Statutory subjects 2014

  • Manufacturing biocompatible composite materials for medical applications by the method of spark plasma sintering (SPS)
  • Elaboration of a new technology of manufacturing a self-lubricating composite with SiC precursor
  • Investigation of the influence of dynamic parameter changes on the maintenance of constant speed in the process of manufacturing profiles by friction boosted lateral extrusion
  • New design and technological solutions with utilization of the PHPO2500 press body
  • Elaboration of the initial design of the new forging device for forging crankshafts by the NTR method
  • Investigation of the technologies of product manufacturing by the methods of metal forming as well as the properties of products and tools for their production
  • Investigation of innovative technologies of sheet metal shaping by stamping and rotary forming to obtain products with desired shapes and exploitation properties by means of technological tests and simulations by modern computer methods
  • Promotion of the Institute’s scientific and technical achievements
  • Development of digital information resources of the Multimedial Laboratory of Information Management and Availability of the Metal Forming Institute with the use of the I-Centrum system
  • Dissemination of the results of investigation of submicrometric particles of solid lubricants in the form of generally available standardization document
  • Utilisation and improvement of I-Centrum – a system of R&D works ,management in order to increase the effectiveness of the works being conducted and to intensify cooperation with the Institute’s clients