Statutory subjects 2015

  • Investigation of the technologies of manufacturing products by the methods of metal forming, as well the properties of the products and of the tools for their production
  • Investigation of innovative technology of sheet metal forming – a new concept oif forming special products
  • Manufacturing innovative materials for application in modern branches of economy by te techniques of powder metallurgy
  • Plastic forming of electrodes and CuNiSi alloy elements for resistance welding
  • Utilisation of lateral extrusion boosted by friction in the processes of bonding
  • The influence of the ageing process of polyethylene with ultra high molecule weight (UHMWPE) on the tribological wear in the knee articulation endoprostheses
  • Elaborating standardization documents containing methodologies of the works performed on innovative testing devices
  • Promotion of the Institute’s scientific and technical achievements
  • Development of the digital information resources of the Multimedial Laboratory of Information Management and Availability of the Metal Forming Institute with the use of the I-Centrum system
  • Dissipation of the results of submicrometric examination of the particles of solid lubricants in the form of generally accessible standardization document: documenting the methodology of works performed on tribological testers: T-05, T-10, T-17, T-21, and on the device for top layer modification, PC2
  • Utilisation and improvement of the I-Centrum – the system of managing R &D works in order to increase the effectiveness of the works being performed and to intensify cooperation with the Institute’s stakeholders