Statutory subjects 2016

  • The influence of X-ray radiation and the process of ageing of ultra high molecule weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) on tribological wear of ilium joint endoprostheses
  • Manufacturing composite materials on the matrix of cobalt and its alloys for applications in modern economy sectors by the spark plasma sintering method (SPS)
  • Utilisation of reverse engineering in designing and dimensional changes control in the life cycle of machine parts
  • Improvement of the methods of raising investigation quality and improvement of the investigation methods in the field of material investigation in the Metal Investigation Department
  • Investigation of the technology of manufacturing products by the methods of metal forming and the properties of products and the tools for manufacturing them
  • Investigation of the technology of manufacturing forging dies by the method of hot hobbing
  • Investigation of innovative technologies of plastic forming of metal sheets – investigation of the technology of rotary forming of axially unsymmetrical products
  • Development of the digital information resources of the Multimedial Laboratory of Information Management and Availability of the Metal Forming Institute with the use of the I-Centrum system
  • Promotion of the Institute’s scientific and technical achievements
  • Documentation of the works conducted on the tribological testers: T-05 and T-17
  • Utilisation and improvement of the I-Centrum – the system of managing R &D works in order to increase the effectiveness of the works being performed and to intensify cooperation with the Institute’s stakeholders