Statutory subjects 2018

  • Manufacturing of porous materials (bone scaffolds) based on Ti powder, by the FAST/SPS method, for regeneration medicine applications
  • Elaboration of new technologies of manufacturing high density NiTi alloy as a material with shape memory, by the SPS and KOBO methods
  • Complex investigation of forging light alloys under isothermal conditions
  • Investigation of the influence of scanning speed and the number of measurement points on the result of the shape deviation measurement by means of a CMM
  • Perfecting of the methods of test quality improving and perfecting the investigation methods in the field of material investigation in the accredited laboratory with special attention drawn to the fatigue tests
  • Modification of aluminium profile surface by means of organofunctional silanes
  • Elaboration of the technology of extruding aluminium “sandwich” profiles and determination of their mechanical properties
  • Inverse analysis investigation of the innovative technologies of sheet metal forming in order to determine the accuracy of the projection of the process simulation results to the actual conditions
  • Development of the digital information resources of the Multimedial Laboratory Information Management and Access of the Metal Forming Institute, with the utilisation of the I-Centrum system
  • Promotion of the scientific and technical achievements of the Institute
  • Utilisation and perfecting of the I-Centrum – system of managing R&D works in order to improve the effectiveness of the works and intensify collaboration with the Institute’s stakeholdrers